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Dave Kennett
Dave Kennett, Lawyer (JD)
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I have a criminal record, a felony for cocaine conspiracy that

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I have a criminal record, a felony for cocaine conspiracy that I "EARNED' in my mid twenties, when I had a completely flawed view of the world; Well over ten years ago. I'm 37 years old today and I have aspirations of going back to school with hopes of acquiring a doctorates degree. I love to read, I love to study. I only have 55 college credits right now but I have a burning desire to become an academic in possibly the field of economics, and I'm very fit and have developed an interest in cardiology.
The question is, can i obtain a doctors degree in any of those fields with a felony on my record?
Dear JACUSTOMER - There is no law that would prevent you from completing your education and obtaining a doctor's degree in those fields. Of course you would have to be accepted by the university or college where you would like to attend and that would be a decision the school would have to make with respect to your admittance. My suggestion would be to contact the school or schools you wish to attend and simply ask if they have any policy that would prevent your admission into their program. This is not the same as being denied the right to own a gun or other legal obstacles that you might face with a felony record. Even people in prison get college degrees while incarcerated so getting a degree is not dependent on your criminal record. It is just up to the school to make the decision to accept you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

In reference to cardiology, would someone with a criminal record be granted authority to prescribe medication?

That, of course, is a different question than whether you could obtain a doctor's degree. You indicated in your question that you wanted to be an academic which would be someone who did research or taught the subject to others and not someone who actually practiced medicine. I was answering based on your question as to whether you could obtain a degree and not prescribe medicine. If the medical board granted you a license there would be no problem so you would have to apply to the medical board in your state. That would be a decision for the medical board. The first step is getting into school. You also said you were interested in economics which is an entirely different field and would not require any license.
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