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Not sure whether to ask more here or in a reply. This spot

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Not sure whether to ask more here or in a reply. This spot allows limited space, so here's as much as pastes:

Here's where I'm not sure what I did, or whether she no longer has to go to the court (per July 1 appearance date), or if she does have to.
I don't know if I automatically plead guilty per the below. If there were a check of box, I likely hit it.

Here's ABCD choices of the form I filled out:

Thank you for your question and thank you very much for requesting me to assist you further.

My concern is if you pled 'not-guilty', by failing to appear, then it turns into a potential contempt of court claim and even a potential bench warrant issued against the party requested to appear. Consequently it would be wise to appear early, speaking with prosecutor and attempt to figure out if there was a plea already or if you can strike a plea deal, pay, and leave. If you get there early enough (try to push for appearing 15-20 minutes before your scheduled time), you could possibly get the process resolved in a half an hour and possibly even without seeing the judge, it all depends on how backed up the court would be or who would appear.

Good luck.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I kind of get it, but here's the rest of the question with the form questions.


I was asked to select one of four: pay ticket, pay traffic school (ticket plus school), court date reservation.


I requested traffic school.

Got a $610 receipt that says:

The Court Must Receive Your Traffic School Completion Form by 9/3/13.


The website says:You should retain the payment confirmation notice for your records. It is your proof that you have paid your ticket and requested Traffic School.


It's at the bottom of the page on this link:




Does that mean that we don't have to go tomorrow in regards XXXXX XXXXX issues?

If we do go in, must we first thing? Problem is that the payment may not even show up until after 10AM.


Thank you for your follow-up, Scott.

By picking that option you have chosen to plead guilty. There is no further need to appear in court but traffic school must be completed by that period of time or else the ticket will be reinstated and additional fines levied. You no longer need to appear in court tomorrow but you still have to complete traffic school requirements by September.

Good luck.

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