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Hello, I am currently a suboxone patient at ARS in Greensburg

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Hello, I am currently a suboxone patient at ARS in Greensburg Pennsylvania. I have been attending their clinic for a little over a month now. ARS contacted me today and they said they could no longer treat me because they got a call from someone who anonymously stated that I was selling my medication. They reported myself along with three other people who attend the clinic, and all four of us were discharged. I am prescribed two 8mg suboxone tablets a day, which equals out to 28 tablets for two weeks time. My appointment with them to get my refill was scheduled for the very next day, which at the time would have left me with two tablets. My question is: I, myself, believe that suboxone is a life sustaining medication, beings that the clinic had no proof of foul play against me, are they technically allowed to discharge me, without providing me with any medication at all, until I'm able to find another clinic to attend?
Thank you for your question. I am a licensed Pennsylvania professional. Please allow me to assist you.

If I may ask, were the allegations against you true? If not true, can you prove otherwise?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, the allegations against me were completely false. Like I stated above, the other client who called the main office providing them with false information also got three other people in trouble, along with myself. All four of us were discharged from the clinic. I had my counselor call the clinic and they told her that the person who called made the situation sound like it was all "here-say" and "he said, she said." Although the clinic wouldn't provide me with the names of who called in, beings that it would be violating the HIPPA law, I personally know who did in fact call and turn myself and a good friend of mine in. The other client who turned all of us in, obviously has something against me and my close friend. I told the clinic that the information provided to them was false and they told me that the DEA doesn't give them much of a choice in this type of situation. There currently is no way for me to prove otherwise beings that I would have attended my appointment tomorrow and at the time would only have one tablet left. If they would have called me a week ago, ,I could have proved them wrong by taking my tablets down for a count, but in this situation I don't have that option beings that it is the day before the appointment.

Thank you for your follow-up, Anna.

What you say makes complete sense. I absolutely empathize especially based on the timing of the call. However legally the facility has no obligation to provide care. While you may consider it as a 'life sustaining', the facility can counter and state that the drug is utilized to counter effects, it does not otherwise negatively impact your health--in essence it does not harm, it just causes terrible withdrawals. As such they can lawfully drop you from treatment and they can demand that you seek an another facility. They are not required to keep you, and as they aren't a courthouse they are not required to grant you a hearing or provide you with any sort of formal due process before they choose to end treatment. I truly wish I had a different answer for you, but based on both PA and federal laws, the facility is not currently in violation.

I am sorry.

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