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I am a foreigner working in the USA. I dont have the vacation

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I am a foreigner working in the USA. I don't have the vacation time or money to return to my country but I need to sell my little house over there in order to help my mother. I want to appoint my oldest daughter my Power of Attorney to make this sale happen. If I do an American P of A in this country, will it be respected in my homeland? OR, should I get my daughter to send my the P of A from my country, which I will execute here with an American Notary Public and send back to my daughter? Will that be respected in my country? Are there international laws about this kind of thing?

Thank you for your question today, I look forward to assisting you. I bring nearly 20 years of legal experience in various disciplines.


No there are not international laws concerning this sort of thing. Each country has their own rules concerning the procedures necessary to establish a power of attorney.


It is highly unlikely that any POA that you do here will be respected in your home country.


You'll need to work with a local attorney to where she is, and ask how they propose you get that document notarized here. Sometimes, they'll accept our notarizations. Sometimes, you'd need to find a consulate in this country which some connection with your home country to have that notarization considered in your home.

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