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24 yr old son forged signature and stole money from my account.

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24 yr old son forged signature and stole money from my account. What are the legal consequences if I were to press charges?
Hi Jacustomer,

The seriousness of this offense wold depend upon how much money he stole from your account. If the amount involved exceeded $2,000 it would be a felony of the 3nd degree. Otherwise, unless it was under $50, it would be a misdemeanor of the first degree.

A misdemeanor of the first degree in Pennsylvania has a maximum penalty of up to 5 years of prison. If it's a felony of the third degree, the maximum possible penalty would be up to 7 years.

One way or the other, if it were his first contact with the criminal justice system, he would almost certainly be offered a plea bargain where he could end up on probation. As part of any plea or conviction he'd be required to pay you back.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks Fran... He currently lives in MD. Who would arrest him MD or PA police given the crime occurred in PA?
Hi Dennis,

The state where the crime occurred is the one with jurisdiction over the case. So PA can charge him with the theft. If he then took the money back to MD, Maryland could also charge him if they wanted to with possession of stolen property.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks again Fran.. Very helpful ..dealing with a terrible situation. Appreciate your quick response. If he spent the money in MD ..could there be additional charges?


I'm sure that dealing with this gives you no pleasure and hope this works out in the best way possible for all concerned. If the theft is related -- as many thefts are -- to a substance abuse problem, there may be special forms of probation that could help him get his act together without making him carry around a criminal record for the rest of his life.

The DA does not have to do what you want when you bring charges. The case becomes the State's and not yours. But the wishes of the complainant are taken into consideration, especially as he is your son. So if you want charges filed, make sure you tell the DA what you want to come of this.

As far as your question, I don't really see him being prosecuted in two state,though if you pushed it, it's possible. As for spending the money, he's converted it to his own use, and that would be part of the theft offense.

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