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Changing price tags in store

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Hi I am visitor to USA on a visiting visa. I was recently caught by the LP in the store for changing tags for an item. It was worth 30$ and I changed it to 20$. I was taken to the back room where I signed some papers stating banned for 7yrs from the store and need to pay 50$ penalty, there was no police involved. It's in New York. The LP told it is totally between the store and me and no police or courts would involve and he said I would be receiving a letter to pay the penalty. Now I am planning to travel to my country for a month and return to USA. Would this effect my reentry options. Do have have to pay the penalty fee and if I pay the fee does it effect my future reentries to USA.

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1. Are you a legal resident of the United States ?


2. If so, in what State do you reside ?



3. How long will you be outside the United States ?



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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am legal visitor on b1b2 visa with a valid i94 and 10 yr multiple entry. I am currently staying in New York. I am planning to leave on June 18th and returning in August last week. So probably for 2 months.

1. Did you receive copies of the papers the store asked you to sign ?



2. What information did the papers contain that the store asked you to sign ?



3. Did the store say when they would expect payment of the $50 ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No I did not receive copies. I remember there are three pages , first one with address and my name on it, second one stating tags has been changed And a fine of 50 dollars. Third one stating I am banned from the store for seven years and any trespassing is prosecuted. With all the above will it be in my criminal record and would have problem entering USA again? I will be receiving the mail penalty within a week.

What assurance did the store give you that it would not report you to the police ?


Did JustAnswer's Customer Service get in touch with you ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Store assured me that there would be no involvement with the police or criminal records, it's just between me and the store to pay the penalty. Thank you

If it will not be reported to the police, you will not be arrested and it will not appear on any criminal background check. Therefore, it will not cause you a problem in re-entering the United States. You should pay the penalty of $50 because it is a very small price to pay to have it stay off of your background history.





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