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I am a contractor and completed work for a customer, I have

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I am a contractor and completed work for a customer, I have called and billed him several times to no avail. If I go on his property when he's not home and recover MY equipment which he did not pay for can I be sued?


Hello I am a licensed attorney. I am here to help answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification


This is a common situation,


you should not enter his property without permission, unless you have left your own personal belongings at the property.


The owner can file a criminal trespass complaint, so it is not worth the risk,


Since you have done this, and he has sued you,


you have a good case, as he did not pay you for your services,


if his suit is for trespass, his damages would be limited, if his suit, states you have damaged property, he would have to prove it, and you should consider a counterclaim, for any expenses you have incurred, due to him not paying you on time.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

How can he prove it was me who recoved my parts if he didn't see me?

if he has no evidence, you can deny this in civil court, however since this is civil court, he can if he wishes, hire an investigator, or even force you to testify, and under oath you would have to perjure yourself, if asked that question,

What you should do is counter sue him now for the unpaid fees owed to you, so the court sees the entire picture of the matter.

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