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Dear lawyer, I am facing a fraud, which a woman suspected

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Dear lawyer,
I am facing a fraud, which a woman suspected from Philippines who seduced me to get on a webcam nakedly and had recorded it down. After that, she threatened me with the recording and asked me to pay for 4000USD.
what should I do.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking.

This is the newest scam online, where someone either gets naked or convinces the other party to get naked and then threatens to expose the party. You should NOT pay her anything, she is in the Philippines and once you pay her you would not be able to recover the money and there are no law enforcement agencies in the Philippines that will take any legal action against the woman, even if by some chance they do find her.

Most of these scam artists are using fake names and are almost impossible to be found by law enforcement. If you do not send the money to her, generally they will not do anything other than make threats to scare you to pay. They will not do anything else with the recording in 99% of the cases other than threaten you.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

as if i am a national athlete in my country, I do not wish that recording to be spreaded. So, what should I do next regarding this?

Thank you for your wonderful rating, as we do tell customers to simply use reply to expert if they have further questions, especially when they did not supply us with information. I really appreciate you and how you followed instructions.

I understand you do not want the recording spread, the problem is identifying this person who is using a fake name and public internet so you cannot track them. The only way to insure that nothing would be released is to never put yourself in that position to begin with. However, now that you have put yourself in this position, you would have to work to actually identify this person in the Philippines. You have no guarantee that even if you pay her that she will not release the video I am afraid. Thus, you have to identify her through using an investigator in the Philippines so that you can then use an attorney to sue her in the Philippines. I am afraid that this is the only way you can guarantee protecting yourself.

You still should not pay her, because if you pay she will come back later and demand more money and this is just an ongoing scam where they will continue to extort money out of you. If you seriously want any action taken, you would have to first get her identified and Philippines law enforcement will do nothing (they are pretty much ineffective in these cases which is why these frauds and extortions take place there) and you will need to identify her yourself through using a private investigator there. Once you have her identified you can pursue criminal charges for extortion and also file civil suit against her.

I am afraid that this is the actual only legal process that you can pursue in this type of case.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

As if the money is transferred through the Western Union, can the Western Union track for the transaction and any legal action can be taken to the receiver?

Thank you for your response.

These scams are carried out through Western Union precisely because Western Union cannot and will not track the payments. Once someone picks up the money, Western Union has no idea who picked it up. This is what makes Western Union the primary choice of scam artists involved in these types of scams.

In order to take legal action against the receiver of the money, you will have to locate them and actually identify them, since they all use fake names and identities. This is why these scams keep going and going, they operate out of countries with very little law enforcement such as Nigeria and Ghana and then to make it harder is these people use fake identities and use public internet and prepaid cell phones so they cannot be tracked.