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I have to appear in court having already declared myself not

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I have to appear in court having already declared myself not guilty for a city noice ordinance violation of 'dog barking'. I got woke up one morning by a police officer that was told by his boss that he must write the citation because an officer had been at my house on two separate visits the day before while I was at work and could confirm the dog was barking. I asked the city solicitor a few questions about my case and she was stone cold about it and would not answer my questions. I was very frustrated and told her I am pleading not guilty and we can go to trial. My attorney dropped my case as he works in the court house and I'd guess a 'dog barking' offense just isn't big enough to worry him. So I go to court and realize I am going to lose this 'trial'. I do not want to piss off the judge, but realize this woman solicitor is not going to be in any mood to offer me the same 'deal' of $200.00 when the minimum fine is $100. Is there any way to beg for mercy of the court and not push this any further? Any suggestions is appreciated.
Hi - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a litigation attorney. Thanks for your question.

You certainly can appear in court and plead no contest - - which is where you agree to accept the penalty for the citation, but you're not admitting guilt or denying liability.

This is likely the best option if you want to avoid a trial and just resolve this matter.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The trial date is tomorrow morning. Do I attempt to go to the solicitor before they call the case? I'm sure she is going to have her police officer witness present and ready to throw the book at me. She's doesn't appear to be a very friendly or understanding person. I have been in this court room a couple of times now and she does not make herself available to non-attorneys.

Hi -

You certainly can approach the prosecutor and tell her that you're going to plead no contest to the citation. She will likely tell you that she'll announce this to the judge when they call your case up; she may also tell you what she'll recommend as a fine to the judge.

If the prosecutor won't speak with you beforehand, you can just tell the judge that you want to plead no contest when they call your case up.