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how to sue a owner of a gas station for $10,000 for pay and

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how to sue a owner of a gas station for $10,000 for pay and expenses, out of state?
Are you asking where you would have to file the suit?
Is this for back pay from employment?
Please explain the circumstances.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This guy owns a gas station in hattiesburg MS, (i live in detroit Michigan)

back in feb. 2013 he told that he wants me to go take over his gas station(manager) he doesnt wanna work. he made me a letter saying that he will pay me $800 a week salary, and made me rolcate my family (wife, 2 kids, 5,6 yrs old) when i moved my family there, he changed his mind, he wanted me to work 80 hours a week for $600, he promise me that he will pay my rent, again when i moved my family there he changed every thing, he never paid me with a check, i got from him $1800 cash.

i workd from feb 22nd 2013 to May 2nd 2013

Dear JACUSTOMER - You would have to file your suit in the court in MS where the owner of the station lives. If you had a signed agreement you can use that as an exhibit and base your suit on reliance of the agreement. You can sue for the moving costs and any lost wages but if this was an "employment at will" situation the owner would not be obligated to continue the employment unless thee was a stated term in the agreement. Obviously the problem is that you are in Michigan and you would have to travel to MS for any court hearings which can be expensive. You can file your case by mail but eventually you would have to attend any hearing that would require your testimony. You may want to consider getting the assistance of local counsel in MS since that may be less expensive than the travel costs for the various pre trial hearings. Generally what happens is the person being sued knows you are not in the area so they will keep filing motions for hearings to force you to travel. An attorney can generally handle those types of motions and avoid the need for you to be present. The Michigan court would have no jurisdiction over the guy in MS so the suit has to be filed there.
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