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How hard is it to get a ex parte order, I just found out in

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How hard is it to get a ex parte order, I just found out in the banking records.One of which got mailed only to the courthouse She is diverting funds through the custodial account of the child turning 18 june 23 and finishing high school june 6. She has drained it and is also using it, She has not produced one thing in 3 years and now I am falling behind again in support 1200 a week. and she follows nothing Its all in the three years I ve been working with just answer and my 3 other lawyers, Thats the plan again to make me look bad and I am finally in the judges favor.

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You asked, "How hard is it to get an ex parte Order ?"




The Court does not like to issue Ex Parte orders. The Courts prefer that the opposing side gets notice and that they appear in Court to give their side of the story. However, the Court also realizes that there are situations where irreparable harm might be done and an Emergency Order is appropriate, even if it is a Temporary Order. The prime example of an Ex Parte Order being appropriate is the Temporary Protection Order in domestic violence cases, or a Temporary Restraining Order ("TRO") where a party is seeking a permanent injunction and wants to maintain the status quo until the trial is over.


You can try to get a Temporary Restraining Order on an Ex Parte basis by telling the Judge in your Motion papers that you need a TRO because the custodial account which is for the benefit of your child is in serious danger of being depleted by your former spouse because she is using the funds for her personal benefit, and if you wait until a hearing date can be set for a permanent Injunction, your former spouse will have depleted all of the funds in the custodial account.





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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank u. My county is very corrupt. Her new lawyers in 100 days have file 3 Emergency orders,They are in a different county and they can call get it on the docket and bring the motion in at the hearing same day. Notify you 15 minutes before courthouse closes the day before OF Friday at 445

. After 3 years I am always prepared and I do my homework.

But the question was urgent this am they tried to get another EO at 900am but I got wind of it last night and called them on it, and asked when they intended to let me Know etc. The withdrew it this morning. I turned in the letter and order for the awarding of thr house. ANNND as expected this afternoon they refiled, its on monday am/ I texted cmom I thought we were going to try to do this. This stuff is Law 101 . I ll be here on just answer often for the next few months until I get the decree. I am truly grateful that you are ethical, I dont judge people and do not need to know who the person is (lawyer,Dr) Are they doing what they were trained to do, PERIOD is what they get paid for. ALOT

You are very welcome, James,


When I hear things that lawyers have done, I truly get very upset because it only takes a few bad apples to give everyone a bad name and people do not realize that most lawyers are ethical. It's just these few who stand out and give the impression that all lawyers are like that.


I have been up against unethical lawyers and it is very difficult to deal with them because I have no way of knowing which unethical step they will take next. You should not stand for that. You should bring it to the Judge's attention and if he, too, is one of the "good ole' boys", then report them to the Attorney Disciplinary Board because those guys do not fool around. In Pennsylvania they even look at the activities we engage in, in our private lives. Try living with someone constantly looking over your shoulder,


Thank you for the "Excellent Service" rating, I appreciate it greatly. Let me know if I can be of service and I will be glad to help in any way I can,





Andrea, Esq. and 8 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you