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so I can legally stop paying this company, especially since

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so I can legally stop paying this company, especially since the payor service changed without my knowledge? you have been wonderful, and thank you so much for your support and knowledge. it's been a pleasure working with you.

Hi, Beth, Thank you so much for the "Excellent Service" rating, and the bonus on the other Answers I gave you; It was most kind and generous of you, and I appreciate it greatly.


I want to be sure you understand the concept I was trying to convey.


It is perfectly legal for a company to sell its business and to assign its accounts to the buyer of its business. For example, assume that in 2000 "A" took out a loan in the amount of $100,000 from "Beth's Honest Savings and Loan Bank. "A" signed a Note and Mortgage and promised to repay the loan in 240 equal, consecutive, monthly installments of principal and interest on the first day of each month, commencing with the First day of February, 2013, with the last installment due and payable January 1, 2023. "A" paid on time each month like clockwork.


Assume also that Beth's Honest Savings and Loan Bank was doing so well that Beth, the President and Chairman of the Board decided she made enough money, was tired of the banking business, and decided to retire and sell her successful banking business to Chase Bank for $21,990,999. At settlement, Chase Bank gave Beth a Cashier's Check in the amount of $22,000,000 and told Beth to "Keep the change". Beth signed the Deed to the real Property on which the bank was built and assigned all her right title, and interest in and to, all of her Bank's accounts, including loan accounts to Chase Bank. Beth also executed Assignments of all Notes and Mortgages which her bank had.


Now that Chase bought Beth's Honest Savings and Loan Bank, all of the borrowers who had loans with Beth's Honest Savings and Loan Bank continued repaying their loans, but now would be making their payments to Chase Bank.


What I described above is a legitimate transaction where a business was sold and those who were previously making payments on their loans to Beth's Honest Savings and Loan Bank, would now be making their monthly loan payments to Chase Bank, the new owner and successor in interest of Beth's Honest Savings and Loan Bank. Businesses are bought and sold every day and the seller will assign its rights to receive accounts receivable to the buyer as the new owner.. It should not concern the borrower or the person who owes money to the business about who their lender sold their business to because it is sufficient if the seller gives notice to all its borrowers that from June 1, 2013, they are to make all future payments to XYZ, the new owner. This was a legitimate sale.


In your situation your account was sold to the buyer who became the owner, but you did not owe them money and you received nothing under the contract you signed. Furthermore, you received nothing from the new owner, the Law Council people. They, too, gave you nothing except having one of your charge accounts or credit card accounts written off and would now have collection agencies contacting you for payment of that account to them. This was a pure, unadulterated scam on their part, calculated to defraud you and others in a situation similar to yours, out of your hard earned money in exchange for empty promises. The contract must be set aside on many grounds, but primarily based on fraud. Therefore, you owe them nothing and you owe it to yourself to report them to every possible governmental agency so that they will be investigated and prosecuted and you will see the return of all monies you "donated" to them.


If you have any questions or would like me to explain further, please let me know





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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be of assistance,





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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Good Morning Andrea-


thank you for your answers. your help has been envaluable. I am a bit nervous about just stopping payment to consumer law council now. my contract is with them but they had a secondary company, meracord, receiving my payments. I can't help but think that something happened or was planned between meracord and consumer law council. I am going to utilize the sites you referred me to and report them. I feel like a fool for falling for something like this and just want to get out clean. I am in contact with all of my credit card companies and working out a plan with them myself. I should have realized something was fishy when I had to do all the work in regard to contacting the credit card companies to begin with. do you think I should be contacting a lawyer in my area for some help with this situation?

again, thank you for your advice and help. hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day, wherever you are.


Beth Akkoul

Hi, Beth,

Rather than incurring legal fees mmediately, why not first report them to the agencies I suggested, see what they say, then if you feel you still need an attorney, then go ahead ad hire them.