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can I market my contracted nursing in the state of ohio after

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can I market my contracted nursing in the state of ohio after normal business hours? And am I able to hand out marketing material as well. I am a private ambulance company and the material would be pens pads ect.

Kirk Adams : Hi - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a litigation attorney. Thanks for your question.
Kirk Adams : What concerns you about doing either of these? Are you employed by another company or do you have some restrictions on your business due to a contract?
Customer: I have been told by a retired friend that was in this industry that he thouht we (marketers) where not allowed in after hours.I am not employed by another company just wanted to make sure what i am doing is ok.
Kirk Adams : Ok. Bear with me just a moment and let me do a little checking.
Kirk Adams : I've looked at the Ohio Medical Transportation Board's website and the laws and rules listed there, and there is nothing that places limitations on advertising for ambulance services. I'm still looking.....
Kirk Adams : Hi - I can find nothing in the law that prohibits what you're wanting to do. HOWEVER, there may be some administrative rules from the Medical Transportation Board that aren't published on their website. Thus, since I can't find anything definitive either way, the best option is to call the Medical Transportation Board (contact information is at the bottom of their website link above) and ask to speak to someone in their legal department. If there are advertising rules, they can direct you to them.
Customer: ok thanks
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Also, if you're offering nursing services, it would be a good idea to check with the Board of Nursing as well.

Sometimes, there are administrative rules that aren't statutory laws passed by the legislature - and that's why I can't find them. But, there may be administrative regulations. This, it's always best to check with the agencies to be sure there's no issue.