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So, I have an anonymous blog, where I dont show my face nor

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So, I have an anonymous blog, where I dont show my face nor do I reveal my name. I met this one guy and I thought I could trust him with my blog, but yesterday when i told him I was seeing someone and not interested in him, he flipped and said he is going to expose my blog with all my photos and basiically ruin my reputation. He basically threw a "love me or ill screw you over" tantrum. Where im having trouble is if I should sue him or not. One main reason is that I want to go into law enforcement and I dont want this event to ruin my chances of going into that field; and yeah I know I kind of shot myself in the foot by having that blog in the first place, but hes grabbing my photos and revealing my name and all. Should I sue him or should i just let it go?
Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

That very much depends. So far he has threatened to expose you. Has he? I ask to see if you as yet were injured and consequently may have injury or grounds for a cause of action, or not. Please advise.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

That's why I'm still not sure if I should take it to court since I dont have any evidence that he has exposed me, but so far he has threatened me and called me names.


"LOL yeah, your gonna need help with a new career. I might even go to the depot in salinas and show some pictures off. You really made me feel and look dumb so why the f**k not, right? Might as well really make you realize the magnitude of you just treating others like shit..."

Thank you for your follow-up.

What you are describing so far is not yet actionable, at least as far as defamation of character. If he hasn't exposed you but has only made threats, there is as yet no injury for you to file under. You may have grounds to sue for harassment and seek a restraining order against him plus pursue him for attempting to extort you, but at least so far no defamation took place as that involves contacting third parties with false information. Neither took place. There is also as yet no invasion of privacy either as no third party as yet was contacted. You can explain to the other person that if he chooses to expose you, it will be at his risk since you could then pursue for damages including loss of income should he cost you business opportunities, but at least so far no injury as yet took lace for you file under.

Good luck.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Do you believe if I take action if he does expose me, it will lower my chances from going into law enforcement?

My apologies but I cannot honestly answer that as I have no idea as to what manner of information the blog is protecting. Furthermore each police department really has their own rules and practices for hiring and evaluating applicants. I am sorry, truly, but I cannot make a blind evaluation here as I simply do not know enough to give you a comfortable answer.

Good luck.

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