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Colorado Liquor Law Under what license will the proposed

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Colorado Liquor Law

Under what license will the proposed Glendale Riverwalk project be able to sell liquor 24/7? and will this license be available to regular bars and restaurants within the Glendale area. i have tried to research this and i can not figure it out. here is an excerpt from the project that may help, "The “common consumption area liquor license”( permitted by the recent enactment of Senate Bill 11-273) will allow the Glendale Riverwalk to be one of Colorado’s first common consumption areas serving alcohol indoors and outdoors 24/7".

thank you,
Anthony Stachowitz

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First, I suggest you click this link and you can read the Senate Bill 273 which was passed in the 2011 legislative session

And at this link is the law as it in the Revised Statutes as in 12-47-301

However, neither of those indicate the exact type or Class of license that is needed for this project.

As to whether others will be able to also serve 24/7 that may be possible, if they conform to the newly added portion of the CRS 12-47-301 which change was brought about by the new law SB 11-273.

It appears the there is a newly created Entertainment area portion of the law as amended and that is with an attached Common area and as such that is what it appears gives the Riverwalk the authority to sell 24/7

I suggest, the best thing to do is contact your state elected Senator to the CO Legislature and have them fully explain the intent of SB 273 and how the amendment affects CRS 12-47-301. You can call their office and speak to their legislative aid about this. They will discuss it with you so you can fully understand the new law.

Use this link to find out who your legislator is for your District

It seems you may be right. There may have been an oversight that needs correction and amending as to what gives the right to serve beyond 2 am

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Sam,


Thank you for your detailed answer, it gives me a great starting point to research this further... i just have one follow up. I understand that state law supersedes local law but could you could check if the town of Glendale has some wording in their statutes that would allow the 24/7 consumption of liquor exception?


Thanks Sam,



Thank you for the follow up question'

Here is the link to the Glendale Municipal Code and if you look under Alcohol Beverages and then also Entertainment District as 11-273 refers to it, you can read what the requirements are, but I still do not see where it has the license type or the authority to serve 24/7

But it does say in part the following

5.39.030 Operational requirements of promotional associations and common consumption areas.

A. The size of the common consumption area shall not exceed the area approved by the local licensing authority; however, the promotional association may make such area smaller at any time provided the new area is clearly delineated using physical barriers to close the area to motor vehicle traffic and limit pedestrian access.

B. The promotional association shall provide an appropriate amount of security to ensure compliance with the liquor code and prevent a safety risk to the neighborhood. All security within the common consumption area or its attached licensed premises shall complete the server and seller training program established by the Director of the Liquor Enforcement Division of the Department of Revenue.

C. The promotional association shall obtain and maintain a properly endorsed general liability and liquor liability insurance policy that is reasonably acceptable to the local licensing authority of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) per incident and names the city of Glendale as an additional insured.

D. Common consumption areas and their attached licensed premises may serve alcohol and the customers may consume alcohol until 4:00 a.m. It is unlawful for any attached licensed premises to serve or the promotional association to allow consumption of alcohol beverages in the common consumption area after 4:00 a.m.

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