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Here is my case, i got a owi about 2 years ago and i read the

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Here is my case, i got a owi about 2 years ago and i read the police report, it says a lady saw my car coming at a high rate of speed and lost control and went into the ditch, she didnt actually see if it was me driving or not, and when the lady came back to the accident scene i was standing by the road.. police reports also say that i said i didnt know who was driving then i said i was, and again said i didnt.. i am not sure if i was driving that night or not and nobody actually seen me driving so its probable cause on the police report .. i have a public defender and i asked her if she thinks we can win or not she said no theres no way and i asked her if i would have a better shot with an actually hired attorney and she said she doesn't think so, so my question is, would i be better off just sticking with her? Oh i am located in wi and that is where the charges were filed
Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

When were the charges filed against you? Why they filed two years later? Why is the attorney so pessimistic, did she explain why?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The charges were filed in march of 2011 and im finally going to court in august for it.. she just said she reviewed similar cases and they had a negative outcome and that she was pretty sure i would be convicted and she was pushing me towards trying to get a plea agreement
Thank you for your follow-up.

Now I understand. Prior to this attorney getting involved, did you have any other attorneys review the facts, evaluate the case, and provide their own thoughts?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Not really, i didn't get any outsider input.. i am just wondering if it would be worth the money to hire a more adequate attorney or just listen to the one i already have

Thank you for your follow-up.

Please allow me to give you my perspective. Any attorney/client relationship is always based on one tenet--trust. Do you trust what your attorney is telling you? If not, then retain counsel. In your situation especially your life and your potential freedom is in the hands of this attorney, so if you feel that she is wrong or she does not have your best interest at heart, get someone else. I am not stating that she is wrong, OWI cases tend to be very hard to defend, but at least obtaining a second opinion on your options is never unwise. Different attorneys may see different things in your case, which could create an option for you that you have not considered. That is not to say either attorney would be 'wrong'--merely they could have a theory of the case that approaches it from a different angle. Here, if all you see is a plea option, getting others to at least see the case may be most definitely in your best interest.

Hope that helps.

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