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I was injured at work in a fall from a piece of heavy eqipment3/21/13.

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I was injured at work in a fall from a piece of heavy eqipment3/21/13. I was seen by a doctor that did not even perform a hands on exam and realese to full duty. I reurned to work back blue in pain with a fist sized mass on my lower back. On 4/2/13 I requested to see another docotr becuase this docotr was not even wiling to give me pain killers or restrict my duty and I still had a fist size mass on my back. On 4/2/13 doctor examined me finally looked at my injury and recomended and Orthoperdic consult. To date I still do not have athorization to see another physician and still have the mass on my back. On 4/5/13 same docotr placed me on restriced light duty pending consult with orthopedist. Today was called into Human resources and asked to sign a modnified light duty order issued at the company safty reps request. I was no examine by the dotor or even spoken to by him. How he can know whiether or not i'm healthy enough to lift this restrictions. I don't believe in is legal for the company to decide what my pyiscal status is but was told if I didn't sign the form I'd be Sacrifing any future cliam related to this injury or disability benefits. I signed the form fearing for my job but belive i am putting my health at risk. Can doctor modfy medical orders without examing me or even speaking to me at the company reps request?

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

My sincere apologies to you with your injury, and I hope that you can heal as soon as possible. Based on your facts you will need to retain counsel. I do not say that lightly--the comment about sacrificing your future claim related to this injury is purely bunk and is completely untrue. The employer compelled you to sign something under duress and improper and utterly false statements when you did not yet obtain a true evaluation of your injury. Because your employer does not appear trustworthy, getting an attorney should be your first step as the attorney could then compel proper medical care, treatment, and subsequently settlement based on your injuries. A doctor can make medical orders without review, but such orders are generally flawed where a second opinion would be necessary.

Good luck.

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