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Just a quick follow up question- my daughter is nervous to

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Just a quick follow up question- my daughter is nervous to tell the GAL, she thinks she will be mad at her for wasting her time, since she was so adamant initially. I told her to say she got legal advice to get a better job that will please the court before she petitions. Does that sound good? Also she never signed any petition she just called the office and that got the ball rolling. Thanks again, no rush to answer.

LADYLAWYER : Hi again Cathy! Thanks for requesting me :)
LADYLAWYER : Yes, that sounds fine. I think she needs to tell the GAL that she cannot show an income right now as her employer pays her in cash. Better to tell the GAL than the judge and by the time she seeks custody again, the GAL will be different, I'm sure.
LADYLAWYER : The other thing your daughter could say is that this is tearing up her family with all the in-fighting over custody and she has decided it is best to just let things be right now for the sake of all parties involved. This way, she doesn't have to say anything about her job and if your mom still tries seeking custody, she looks like the selfish one.
LADYLAWYER : If the GAL filed the petition for her via a phone call and will withdraw her petition without your daughter having to file a notice, then that is great!
LADYLAWYER : You can always let Cara have Addie as much as you feel comfortable with, so she can essentially have that relationship with her daughter, even though she doesn't have legal custody.
LADYLAWYER : If you have any further questions, just let me know. Thanks!
Customer : Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX now she is in LA , and I plan on moving there also and taking Addie with, possibly by September. Is that going to be a problem with the courts as long as I have legal gaurdianship I don't see why.
LADYLAWYER : No, that will be fine. IL will have continuing jurisdiction for legal purposes so if Cara wants to try for custody later on, she will still need to file in IL.
LADYLAWYER : The only way there could be a problem is if your mom tries for custody and attempts to block or delay your move out to LA.
LADYLAWYER : I don't see her being successful, but it could delay things while the judge sorts it out.
Customer : Thank u so much again.
LADYLAWYER : Youre so welcome!
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi, we told the GAL last week that Cara is not petitioning at this time. I called her Tuesday afternoon and obviously she had spoken with my mom because she started telling me she doesn't think Addie should go to my house every other week, she didn't think that would be good for her. I said my mom lives a block away and she could go back there if she got homesick, which she never has. She said the court could have Addie go to LA for the month of July well that's not what I want, I want to go with her to LA. she suggested seeing a counselor, I said of course Addie needs a counselor but my mom didn't want her to go to counseling. She asked me to give her specifics of when I suggested counseling and my mom said no, but I couldn't remember offhand, but I said she needs it because she will take this all like its her fault, and also because my mom has made it clear she doesn't think me and Cara are good people. She said she wanted me to write a "timeline" of my involvement with Addie's life and send it to her. The just I got was that the GAL wants to take this slow. So then an hour later cara calls and says she just spoke with the GAL and she was super nice to her and encouraged her to sign the petition, saying she has a really good chance of getting her back, that she can come to court in June have Addie visit and then maybe have her by the end of August. I just found out yesterday from addie she went downtown Tuesday morning to talk to this nice lady! So when I was talking to the GAL she had already met my mom and Addie and didn't tell me that.I feel that the GAL is misleading cara so that she can keep this ball rolling in the court and the judge can keep postponing and maybe even order her too stay in Chicago. What do you think?I think I definitely need to find a lawyer here in Chicago, if you have any suggestions that would be great.
Who is in LA?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
My daughter and her son are in LA she moved there a little over a year ago, I thought we talked about that last week?