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im having a hard time finding my boyfriend an attorney. I finally

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im having a hard time finding my boyfriend an attorney. I finally got money to hire one and it seems like everyone is ignoring me. My boyfriends case is possession of .5 grams of meth personal use. he turned two pleas do to me being pregnant. He is now getting one more for 6 years, if he turns it down he is going to trial and facing 15 years. His public defender said he would lose. There is no way of getting a less plea agreement of 6 years or his first plea agreement back? he has 3 priors but this is first drug charge. Please help
Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to answer your question.

I am sorry to hear about your difficult situation.

Are you looking for sources to find a local criminal defense attorney or do you have a specific legal question for me?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I guess my question is. is it ever to late to hire an attorney? and is there anyway to get a less plea agreement before a trial then the one offered? sorry this legal stuff is all new to me.. im trying to learn

Dear Nichole.

Thank you for your follow up.

It is never too late to hire a local attorney, espevially if your boyfriend has not plead guilty or accepted a plea bargain.

Also if you hire an experienced local criminal defense attorney, this local skilled criminal defense attorney might be able to point out weaknesses in the prosecutor's case and might be able to negotiate a lower plea bargain deal.

You can find an experienced local criminal defense attorney by using these well trusted and reliable attorney referral / information websites:

I wish you the best of luck and please let me know if you have any related follow up questions.
Dear Nichole,

Do you have any related follow up questions for me?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

he has 3 priors does that really hurt a case? I feel like this prosecutor is making it personal. The public defender said "the prosecutor is super pissed"

Dear Nichole,

Thank you for your follow up.

Any prior criminal conviction, even for unrelated crime, do make things more difficult, in terms of the defendant being viewed as a "career criminal" or someone who is likely to re-offend, rather than a first time offender who is more likely to learn his/her lesson and not to commit another crime.

However, the prosecutors generally do not take their criminal cases personally, unless there is some personal conflict between the public defender and the prosecutor, in which case either one would need to recuse himself or unless the defendant had made threats or tried in some way personally attack the prosecutor (could be physical or verbal).

So with that said, it might be possible for the new attorney to enter the case with a new approach and hopefully negotiate a better plea deal by simply pointing out any weak points in the prosecutor's case, as well as, the prosecutor would be reminded that it takes time, effort and resources to take a case to trial, especially when there is an experienced local criminal defense attorney to contest the charges, so the prosecutor might be more inclined to offer a better plea.

I wish you and your boyfriend the best of luck!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you so much.. I just been soo stressed and never had to deal with this legal stuff. You just listening and answering my questions really lifted weight off my shoulders.. I appreciate it

Dear Nichole,

I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you and please click on the "excellent service" rating, so I can receive credit for my answer.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I went to several attorneys everyone said he is screwed with the priors and needs to take the 6 year plea.. he has to serve 85% of it which came up to 5 years one month plus time he is serving now.. even if he has to serve 85% of it, could he still be able to get out earlier then that?

Dear Nichole,

I am sorry to hear this unfortunate news.

Unfortunately, in Arizona only inmates who committed offenses prior to 01/01/1994 and Arizona does not have any type of early release program, so if your boyfriend accepts the plea which will provide for a recommended 6 year prison sentence, he would not be able to be released until 85% of his prison sentence is served.

I would suggest that you do not give up and speak to more local criminal defense attorneys to see if any of them might have an idea as to how to negotiate a better plea for your boyfriend.

I wish you and your boyfriend the best of luck!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

im not getting call backs from my boyfriend or his attorney and im freaking out. I always check on his case online and this was filed today ROC– Release Order/Order Regarding Counsel - Party (001).. What does that mean? im taking it probably all wrong but im taking it like his public defender isn't on his case anymore. Also it says next week he has court for "initial appearance hearing bench warrant" does that mean he could get more chargers or maybe that's when they offer his final plea?

Dear Nichole,

Is your boyfriend currently incarcerated?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes he is

Dear Nichole,

Thank you for your follow up.

Based on the limited facts you have provided, generally this would mean that your boyfriend's attorney was released and doesn't represent your b/f any longer and also that your boyfriend has another new charge for which an arrest warrant was issued.

I wish you and your boyfriend the best of luck!