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I was recently terminated from my contract. I have worked for

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I was recently terminated from my contract. I have worked for this company on and off for 10 years. No where in my contract does it say what time I have to pick up my papers but it does say they have to be delivered by a certain time. Lately I have been late multiple times and have been scolded for it. They then told me that they wanted me to pick up my papers by 5 30 or they would take them to deliver them. Then last Sunday I was in a car accident and called to say I would be a few minutes late I got there at 533 and the papers were gone. It took the lady that picked them up 40 minutes to get them back by which time I was already back home. The next day they called and terminated my contract. Do I have grounds for a wrongful termination suite or am I out of luck?

On your contract is there an end date to it? For instance does it say something like

This contract by and between... begins on (date) and will expire on (date)?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes I believe it is a three year contract that was signed April 2012



Thank you

As long as there is nothing in the contract about when you are to pick up the paperwork and you have complied with every other aspect of the contract, I suggest you could file a breach of contact lawsuit. You could base your claim on the money that you would have been earning had they not breached the contract

I further suggest that you can write the company a letter and explain that since there was never any mention of a "pick up" time in said contract and that you have always been in compliance with the contract you will give them an opportunity to make good or you will have no other option but to file a lawsuit for the breach of contract

Mail this letter certified with a return receipt requested so you can show the court you tried to give them an opportunity to make this right before turning to the court for intervention.

I think I have answered your question. Remember, I can only answer and provide true and correct information for what you ask.

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