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My husband was arrested almost 10 hours ago for solicitation.

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My husband was arrested almost 10 hours ago for solicitation. He has not been booked and has never been arrested before. What can I do to get him out of jail?
Thank you for your question.

I'm sorry to hear of your circumstances. What you have been told by the jail is correct. Until he is booked in and processed, there's nothing you can do right now. Once he is booked (and yes, that can take hours, depending on how busy the jail is -plus none of them seem to work especially quickly, in my experience) he will be given a bond amount and should be allowed to contact you as to what his bond is. If it's a "cash only" bond, then the amount must be posted in cash. Normally, however, a person will be given a "surety bond", meaning you would only have to put up 10% of the total bond amount to have your husband released. For example, if the bond amount was $1,000, you would have to put up $100.00. What you would do is contact a bail bondsman and pay them the 10%, then they would put up the full amount of the bond in a surety as a guarantee and process the paperwork to have your husband released. The money you paid to the bondsman is their fee, and is non-refundable at the conclusion of their case.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What do we do tommorow? and what is the best way to proceed to protect my children? The personal matters will have to wait.

The most immediate thing to do is get him bonded out - jail is not a nice place to be, especially if you're not used to that sort of environment. In the coming days, he will want to make a consultation to speak with a local criminal defense lawyer (many, if not most, offer free or low cost initial consultations). The first court appearance is a reading of the charge and entering of a plea - if he has a lawyer by that point, they can normally enter a written not guilty plea without him having to appear in court (he can always change that later). He can discuss the circumstances with the lawyer, but it's not usually a good idea to simply plead guilty "to get it over with" - the state still has the burden of proof, and it's worth a lawyer at least getting whatever evidence the state may have, discussing what exactly happened with your husband to determine if he has any defenses, and the best approach to take. That may in fact be pleading guilty, but if so, a lawyer should be able to work with the prosecutor to limit the sanctions he faces.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by protecting your children. Is your concern that you will have to tell them? Depending on how old they are, they may not need to ever find out. As horrible as this is, it is considered a misdemeanor, and not typically something a person goes to jail for if convicted, especially if it's a first offense. Your husband would be looking at something like probation, community service, and a fine.

Even if they're older, you may want to limit exactly you tell them - that their father got into some trouble with the police (without telling them what it is), but reassure them that everything is going to be okay, that he won't be going to jail/prison, and everything will be worked out. I'm not suggesting lying to your children, just that they don't need to know everything that goes on in an adult's world.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

They are adults, one is ready to graduate college, one from HS and one is getting married in May. I want this private as possible for their sakes. I want it as private as possible for my sake. we live in a very small community. he was arrested in another county. Not sure what the hell happened but now it has to be dealt with. He is well respected in our community.

Regrettably, court records are open to the public, so anyone can look them up, but the only way anyone would realistically find them without specifically looking for them would be if that county has a "police beat" or something similar that publishes arrests -I know for example, here in Central Florida, the main newspaper puts daily arrest photos and information on their website. Unfortunately, that's not unlawful, given that the records are public. Some counties also put court records online -I don't know if that is true or not for the county where your husband was arrested.

Even then though, unless someone actually SEES this information and word gets out, people won't know.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you for your time.

You're very welcome. Kindly remember to leave a positive rating for me as that is the only way I am credited for assisting you.

I hope everything works out for the best.
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