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i have went to 3 law firms and they all say i have a case but

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i have went to 3 law firms and they all say i have a case but because of poorly taken xrays that some can see dislocation of my sons hips and some say it's not a 100%proof my son and my family went thru 1 1/2 years of pain and hell money problems having to quit job all because of a wrong reading of xray i found out because i took him to shrieners plus i took him after that to a kaiser hip dr and his said and i have in writing the best picture that shows dislocation was the very first one . is there any hope to get someone to take my case or can i do it on my own

A medical malpractice claim can be very complicated and needs to be done by an attorney. I encourage you to continue looking for an attorney to take the claim.

I'm a bit unclear on why the attorneys you've seen so far have turned down the case. Can you explain further?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

because of the pictures not being easy to view they are trying to use picture as main evidence and thats were they say even though i have edivdence its not a 100% thery would win so they want lots of money so they dont want the risk i have all xrays dr letters everything they never laid a hand on my sons hip that whole year even when itv caused my son leg to lock and my son is disabled and can no longer speak . ido you know any attorneneys that do malpractice tat arent in a large firm


Sorry for the long delay in my response to you.

These sort of cases require a high damage factor as well as reasonable certainty of winning because it requires a lot of money to do a medical malpractice case. The expert fees alone that the law firm would have to pay for a case like this can be well over $10,000.00-$50,000.00. This is a hard problem for you to over come, as you really need to have an attorney do the case and you want an attorney who is willing to take the risk.

We cannot directly refer you to a specific attorney. The kind of attorney's you need to look at are of course medical malpractice attorneys. However, you should also broaden your search to include Plaintiff's personal injury attorneys. Sometimes you can find a firm or lawyer which may not do medical malpractice all the time, but are willing to try your case.

I also suggest contacting the State Bar's lawyer referral service at:

You can also find local attorneys at

In the long run, you may need to meet with many different attorneys to find one to take the case. This may be very difficult and take a while, but I encourage you to give it a try.

Please let me know if there is further information I may provide to you and please also consider rating my answer positively so that I am compensated by the website for my work on your question.


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