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as a husband my wife was transfered to a facility under section

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as a husband my wife was transfered to a facility under section 12 after a suicide attempt she spent one day in the hospital and now is at drug and pysch treatment facility the facility is co-ed and has drug addicts at it she worked as as pysch nurse in a facility similar but smaller and safer and was attacked by a patient and has an abuse history can i get her transfered to a facility that i feel is safer if i pay the costs privately?

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

To answer your question directly, so long as her current attending physician permits the travel and agrees that the other facility is acceptable and able to fulfill the needs for your spouse, such a transfer is possible. Just please be aware that you would need to obtain a medical power of attorney or guardianship of your spouse to make the legal decisions for her and transfer her from one facility to the next. If you have no medical POA at this time, the physician is under no duty to legitimately consider your request without a court order attached to it.

Good luck.

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