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Happy Holiday! I am in a bit of a situation. I wrote some

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Happy Holiday! I am in a bit of a situation. I wrote some things (accurate) in the topix forum blog about my husbands exwife. My husband and her have a restaring order (both) against one another. I was in no way involved. It has just been brought to our attention that the Judge ordered a no contact by a 3rd party-I just learned of this. My husbands exwife went to the police and filed a complaint which is being investigated. I have contacted the police I need to explain
Have the police contacted you about it?

Also, was a restraining order granted against you at any time?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I never had anything to do with the restraining order. No orders were against me. Why wouldn't she just do a restraining order against me? The police haven't contacted me- I contacted the police because my husbands ex wife put in quotes that a third party could harrass her. My ex husband had no idea that all this was going on. I just want to get this taken care of before it escalates into something else. His ex wife has been doing alot of things that I would consider cruel and evil.

I think she is trying to get her ex husband in trouble legally stating he violated the restraining order-this is not the case.

What did the police say when you contacted them?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The police stated that the Deputy handling the investigation is off for the holiday's. I have tried to talk to someone ther (it's in a casino town of Black Hawk). They could not tell me anything more than there was a complaint. I called the district court and nothing has been filed there. AM I consider a "third party?" Also, I didn't threaten anyone in anyway.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This is what I wrote:

I understand that Norma Dee Jones has filed a complaint pertaining to my forum/blog on Topix. I would like you to please let the Deputy that is handling this to know that Lonnie Tobias - Norma's ex husband had nothing to do with this what so ever. Lonnie does not talk about Norma nor does he want to ever hear her name. She is stating that there is a no contact - not even by third party ordered by the Judge. This order is for both Norma and Lonnie. Lonnie does not live in the state of colorado and hasn't for well over a year.

I am not involved in this court order however, I did not know anything about this third party issue ordered. This is the first I heard of it. I only knew that when the Judge ordered this Norma's ending response was "what about my concealed weapon". The Judge said that that was between her (Norma) and the Sheriff's dept.

There is no harrassment here. I used Topix to get some things off MY chest. Ms Jones is the one with causing any of this third party issues. Norma has turned everyone against Lonnie-she has taken over his children where they have no talked to him for years. This is because of my past criminal history dating back to 1995. She has told people that Lonnie was married to a jailbird etc. She has caused ALOT of damage and hurt.

Ms. Jones is the one who I would like to file an official complaint against due to her FB comments-she now has them set at private. She said some vicious things. I think that I reacted to her hatefulness.

I cannot believe that Ms. Jones turned Lonnies own children against him. These are adult children who could talk to Lonnie and have nothing to do with me.

I did not write the things on Topix because of Lonnie-this was because of my own issues and beliefs. I finally deulged to Lonnie I had done this and he is livid with me. He truly does not have a thing to say about Norma.

I also would like you to know I used Topix as a venting tool for myself, kind of like a counseling sesson to get things off my chest. I even had this set to private-for my viewing only. Something did glitch and it was made public. I have contacted Topix regarding that. I do not see where there is anything illegal in my blogs.

Can I possibly get a copy of the complaint? In 2008 I filed a complaint wiht the Lakewood police-please see attached. As you can see this has been ongoing.

I will not post anything or even mention Ms Jones again.
You would be a third party but you aren't in any danger. You can't get into trouble for violating a restraining order that you weren't a part of.

In addition, nothing is going to come of the investigation. A restraining order is a civil case and the police don't actually have any power. The officer may have taken a report but there is no crime involved and they won't do anything with it.

Your ex could get into trouble in a civil contempt proceeding but she would have to prove that he "put you up" to posting on the internet and, in addition, that this somehow violated the order.

Dwayne B. and 12 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Can I ask you. Is it against the law to put blogs etc on the internet using their name-if it is true? Would this be stalking harrassing using information "they" allwoed to be publi?

Absolutely not. Cyber stalking is completely different than just posting your views or opinions. The only issue is libel/slander but if it is your opinion and/or is true then slander doesn't apply.

You are in no danger of any repercussions here.
Dwayne B. and 12 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much for your expertise. I will contact you with any new developments. You have eased my mind.


Have a Happy New Year!

Thanks for the positive rating!

Happy holidays to you as well.

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