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If I made and sold bumper stickers that said "YELP Is Destroying

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If I made and sold bumper stickers that said "YELP Is Destroying Small Business"

Are "Is YELP Destroying Small Business?"

Is this legal?

Kind Regards, Robert

Thank you for your question.

Your questions addresses the clash between the Freedom of Speech and the Law of Defamation. Defamation makes it a civil wrong (i.e., one giving rise to the right to sue) for one person to damage the reputation of another person by publishing something false about that person. Corporations will often use defamation law suits as a strategic tool to force individuals opposed to corporate actions to stop talking.

In your case, YELP would be able to sue you for defamation.

Your statement is not necessarily defamatory though. A statement which is true or which is opinion is not defamatory in nature. Thus, if you could prove that it was a true statement, or that it was merely an assertion of opinion (which it most likely is), then you could win the lawsuit.

Of course, the first thing to consider would be whether you truly could withstand a lawsuit if sued for publishing the bumper-sticker as proposed.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am not a Wealthy man, but I am a true American. Their are thousands off blogs on the web. Of people complaining about yelp Destroying their business or have destroyed their business. In some cases businesses that have been around for over 25 years. With that being said do you think I have a good case.

Thanks again. Robert
If YELP were to sue you for defamation, then I believe you have a good defense to the lawsuit. But establishing that your statement is (1) opinion in nature and (2) reflected by the truth can be expensive to establish in court.

So, if you produce the bumperstickers and end up being sued, the real question is "what next"? Do you want to spend your money on a lawsuit? Not being a wealthy individual means that you really are not a target for your money. If you were sued and then agreed to stop making the bumper stickers, they would likely drop the lawsuit. However, this would be giving into the bully.

It really depends on what you are prepared to do.