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after receiving documents from il.dept. of heathcare 9/28/2010

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after receiving documents from il.dept. of heathcare 9/28/2010 that a audit conducted on5/28/2009. that this audit is being referred to the bureau of Admin. litigation. and stating you will be hearing from them in the near future.our contract with the state as a vendor was terminated on 10/18/ there a statue of limanations in regards XXXXX XXXXX office of inspector general proceding after a period over 2 years??????


Thank you so much for this opportunity to try and be of service to you today.

I am a licensed attorney and will do my best to provide you an honest and accurate answer to your important legal question.

QUESTION: "is there a statue of limanations in regards XXXXX XXXXX office of inspector general proceding after a period over 2 years??????"

ANSWER: First of all, please allow me to say that I am genuinely sorry for the circumstances. I can only imagine how incredibly stressful and frustrating this whole mess is for you. Alright, here is how this works. I will give it to your straight out. There is no applicable limitations period for this type of administrative law action, period. There certainly are statutes of limitations for civil cases and/or criminal prosecutions. In this instance, however, that is just not the case, which has wrecked more havoc than I could even describe having witnessed over some years of legal practice. I would love to say otherwise, but I just respect you too much to do you the disservice of misleading you or providing false information, even when the means being the bearer of entirely correct although admittedly discouraging news. Neither you or I created the system, and very often I personally disagree with it, but nevertheless that is the truthful reality.

My heart goes out to you, and I would be glad to continue our dialog as needed, so please remember to go ahead and rate my answer by selecting from the available choices. Doing so will not close your question. I will gladly continue interacting with you after wards for absolutely no additional charge whatsoever to you. Placing a bonus is entirely optional but always greatly appreciated to enable me to continue assisting customers in this venue.

I truly hope all works out for you.

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