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A chp pulled me over for having tinted windows on the passenger

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A chp pulled me over for having tinted windows on the passenger and driver side. He then asked for my driver license and Insurence , 10 min later he comes back and gives me a ticket for driving on a suspended license! I knew for sure my license wasent suspended because I had just got it in the mail 1 week and a half before the incident!! 1 hour later the same officer located me and said he made a mistake, I then got to the station then the officer gave me a ride to the tow yard and released my car and gave me my license like nothing ever happend.! I kept all my paper work because due to his mistake I missed a meeting at work and got in trouble. Is there anything an attorney do for me

Unfortunately, there is probably nothing to be done here. The mistake was corrected, so the only issue is whether you could sue the police department for making a mistake. Generally, the answer to that is "no". Unless there was some damage done to you or your property, or some extreme humiliation, there is nothing you could successfully sue for here.


Police departments as extensions of the government, have immunity to most civil actions. The police have to be afforded a little bit of latitude in order to do their jobs. If they were worried about getting sued every time they made a minor mistake, they would not be able to effectively investigate. Even when people are arrested and held in jail, sometimes the charge has to be dropped. Even in those cases, you can't successfully sue the police unless it was done maliciously.


Sorry, I know that it was an inconvenience and you got in trouble at work. But you said you were only delayed for 10 minutes, you can't sue the police for delaying you for 10 minutes. You should be able to get something from the police stating the nature of the mistake if that will help you out at work.


I wish I had a more fulfilling answer for you, but this is the reality here. My policy is to just give the truth, rather than tell you what you hoped to hear only for you to be more frustrated in the end.

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