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what do you do when you have a lawyer that keeps making excuses

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what do you do when you have a lawyer that keeps making excuses for herself and the other lawyer, after i have already payed her 10,000. this hase gone on for a year.i now can not aford another lawyer.and things do not seem to be comming to an end. how do i get her to do her job?

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If you've made every good faith effort to work with your lawyer, including putting your concerns in writing to the lawyer and specifically stating what you want (a good idea because then if they ignore you, the letter can be used against them), you can file a complaint against your lawyer with the State Bar of California.


Lawyers have an ethical obligation to zealously represent thier clients, to remain in contact, and to protect their interests. If the lawyer is not carrying out their duties and potentially putting your case at risk, it is cause for concern.


These complaints are taken seriously by the bar and can result in attorney discipline. It's possible that once the bar notifies your lawyer that a complaint has been filed, it may serve as a "wake up" call to them and resolve any of the lingering issues with your case.

Beyonf that, of course you always have the right to terminate your lawyer's services at any time and either hire represent yourself or hire someone else - though I understand you may not be in a position to do that at this time. Additionally, if you feel that your lawyer has been negligent in the handling of your case, there is always the option of suing your lawyer for legal malpractice.

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