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what do i do if I have been being harrassed and watched for

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what do i do if I have been being harrassed and watched for over a year. Im talking on my property in my house at times. Its getting scary,
please help

BizAttorney :

Good evening! I can help you out with your legal question tonight.

BizAttorney :

You can go to the county courthouse and file a temporary restraining order against the person if you know where that person lives or works. Usually TRO's can be filed without a filing fee, but you'll need to know where the person is.

BizAttorney :

After you file it and serve it upon the other person, the court will set the matter for a hearing. You will then need to give the judge examples of how this person is harassing you and watching you and coming onto your property.

BizAttorney :

You need to communicate to the judge how you feel there is an imminent sense of danger of physical harm.


This is Government it has to be. I have now a 70k antenna on the power pole outside my house. That is able to track me to who knows. They know everything about me, theyre good, they have hit my dog killed her. Destroyed my old house, i got tired of replacing locks so i started leaving it open, Im now moved and its getting worse, it is pure pure hell



Ive called the city. They come in my house. I cant talk to anyone because it sounds so crazy


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have never seen them but they do not try to hide. They are just that good, white suvs, when i see them i go toward them and i get hit with a blinding light , or a feeling of magnetizm pushing me physically away. I do not know who. They are highly highly spy savy, and theyre good. They are watching and probably reading this now. This has been going on for 17 mnths to be exact.


I see. In order for the courts of law to be able to assist you, you have to get enough information regarding WHO they are that are surveilling you. Unless you know that, they the courts can't help you. You should try to get license plate numbers, etc. so that you can identify the agency/person that is monitoring you.
You almost have to do some spy work yourself in order to get as much information so that you know whom you are dealing with. The courts are powerless to help you unless you get that information. Once you have that, then you can move forward with the temporary restraining order.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ive also done a reverse ip lookup, live on google maps, and tracked them, the dot was on me, my grandmother and I pulled in a neiborhood, and kept going the car from the signal turned into a retired policeman that lives behind my childhood home. Im 29
You may have to pay a professional to help you, but if they are coming onto your property (without a warrant) then you have causes of action against them. But like I said, without that knowledge, the courts are helpless and you'd have to seek other non-legal remedies.
Thank you for the bonus and hopefully your opinion and feedback are more better than "ok service" now. I appreciate it and hope you will reconsider your feedback. I will send you an email in about two weeks to see how things are going. Have a great night and holiday!

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