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I need advice from a labor lawyer. I have a son that worked

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I need advice from a labor lawyer. I have a son that worked for a school district in New Jersey. After 8 years my son quit his job in the grounds department. Him and others have been set up, bullied, etc by one supervisor. My son was the best worker at the grounds department. The problem was, this supervisor has a click, which my son was apart of at one time. If you go against the wishes of this supervisor she makes you pay. This happened to my son on many occasions. The school district had a grounds foreman at one time, this supervisor wanted him out so her very good friend could take over his job. She asked my son and others to write letters to human resourses to down grade the grounds foreman. My son and a few others refused. This is were her click was formed. My son and 3 others that refused started to get set up and recieve write ups and suspenions. I keeped a log with my son's records and his work performence for 7 years.
I saw how this women works after she fired a worker that was there for over 20 years. This worker was set up. He sued the district and won a large amount of money.
This supervisor I believe is bi-polar. She throw hot coffee at a worker, my son was up and down on her black list for eight years. She only suspends workers that are not in her click. The log shows my son and others getting write ups and suspensions, while her click members get away with worst infractions. When my son got a write uo or suspension, I want to a school that one of her click members worked a took pictures of worst infractions. I believe if anyone could get this women out of the district, my son can. During the 8 years my son was at the school, he was the first and last worker to win employee of the year, his work reports are 80 % excellent, he was made a foreman, they wanted him to be a supervisor, he recieved a letter from this supervisor stating he was one of the best workers there, he was a great leader, and she and the school district is so lucky to have him at the school the letter and other items are in the log book. He also is a welder. He took items home to weld for the school. The log is loaded with pictures of everything he welded on his own time, pictures show the supervisor's click members that have worst infractions then the people that got written up or suspended, when ever my son was written up I went out and took pictures of other schools that were worse (click members). It would take me all day to list everything in the log book. My question is if I took this log book to the Board of Education and this women was fired, could she come back and sue me or my son. Eighty percent of the log book is supported by pictures and letters by the school. My son is not the only one that is being set-up and bullied, but again I believe with this log and my sons work performance will show how this women operates. Even though the log is the truth and supported with edvidence I wanted to make sure there will not be any chance of a law suit against us. Thanks, Don
Hello and thank you for the question. I am sorry to read of this dilemma. I see no basis for a successful lawsuit. Truth is a defense to a Tort or defamation claim. She may be upset and frustrated but that does not translate into a viable claim. Good luck and enjoy the summer.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I know that there is no basis for a law suit her or the school. That was not the question. The question was can we take the log book that I mentioned in the letter to the board of Education, to show them what is going on with this supervisor. The question was if this supervisor gets terminated or any other actions by the board of education for her actions, can she in return file a law suit against my son or myself for giving the information (log book) to the board of education. This is my concerned, even if the book is the trurth and is support by documents, I want to make sure she file a suit against us.


The log may be taken with consent of a supervisor or otherwise through court ordered subpoena. Termination based on truthful reporting even if based on improper use of log gives her no cause of action or claim.
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