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Hallo,I do have a question about internet fraud.I been scam

Resolved Question:

Hallo,I do have a question about internet fraud.I been scam for 11.000,-Dollars over a classic car.
Mr.P.W..... advertised this vehicle on E-bay.I did the bid on it,but the auction end andthe car was not sold. Mr.P.W call me next day and offer the car to sale to me outside of E-bay.
Because he have near 500 positive feedback on his account on ebay and we agree on price I decided to buy the car from him. He send to me the invoice [bill of sale] through e-mail and provided me with bank info. I did two deposit on his account in total 11.000,- dollars.
After he received the money ,he call me and say the preparation for shipping the vehicle to me will take aprx 3weeks. Few weeks later I was searching the ebay and I found my car for sale by different seller and in different state. I send him a message ask about this vehicle,and he responded to me. He state the Mr.P.W never been authorized to sale his vehicle and he never has my car in his possession.Mr. P.W steal the pictures from the owner webpage .By Apr.20 2012 I send to Mr.P.W letter to claim my money back with in 30 days.He didn't return the money. So what is my legal option. Thanks R.K
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  AttorneyTom replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for the opportunity to answer your question. I am sending this answer to you only a few minutes after you submitted your question.
I am sorry to hear about the situation. Your recourse involves both criminal and civil complaints. You can contact law enforcement to report the matter, as selling someone something online without the intent to transfer it constitutes fraud. Because the incident took place online and involved interstate commerce, it would be a federal matter as well as a state matter and you may wish to report the incident to law enforcement in his city as well as federal law enforcement. You can file a complaint online at the Federal Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). You will also want to retain an attorney (in his state - you can find one online at or to help you recover your money. Your attorney will first want to send him a letter demanding instant return of your funds. If that is not effective, your attorney will assist you with filing a lawsuit against him.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What is my chance to recover my funds??
Expert:  AttorneyTom replied 4 years ago.
That's impossible to say at this stage. If you can actually locate the person who defrauded you and if he has the money or significant assets, that would improve your chances. However, from the sound of it, you don't know anything about the other party yet. In other words, you know far too little about the other party at this stage to determine whether you will be able to recover the funds.
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news in that regard. However, my job here is to provide accurate information and, unfortunately, bad news is the hardest part about doing that job well.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I understood. I do know his name,his address. He is owner of auto museum in New York this time he have seven antic cars for sale on E-bay.The value of those vehicle he try to sale is aprx 100K. B.D.W- He was convicted for this crime once before.
Expert:  AttorneyTom replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your message.
If has considerable assets, you may be able to recover and that certainly improves the odds of recovery. However, do keep in mind that he may or may not even have the cars and he may simply be doing to others what he has done to you.
I would strongly encourage you to retain an attorney to pursue it promptly, as the passage of time could work against your chances of recovering your money.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok Thanks for your time.
Expert:  AttorneyTom replied 4 years ago.
My pleasure. Good luck. I hope that you are able to recover your money.

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