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I was in a car accident over two months ago. My car was hit

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I was in a car accident over two months ago. My car was hit from behind causing nearly $6000 in damage. Needless to say, the other driver was cited. I felt fine after the accident but two weeks ago I started to experience pain in my right shoulder blade and upper spine. X-rays show compression in my spine and a bone spur. I have never had these conditions before. I read these conditions could occur as a result of trauma knocking my spine out of alignment. They could also occur due to age, osteoporosis, arthritis, or disease. Should I rule out these conditions before I assume it is due to the accident? Given the time lapsed, the other drivers insurance will surely balk at a medical claim.
Hello. It would be important for you to continue treatment and to consider presenting this issue as a claim. While it may be coincidental to the accident, you also have a pretty strong argument that these conditions are a direct result of the crash. Most attorneys take these cases on a contingency basis and will only get paid if you win on your claim. Thus, consider getting a free consultation with a few local attorneys and let them give you a professional opinion on your chances of recovering damages from this potential medical claim.
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