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There is a man who is acting like a crazy person, wrecking

Resolved Question:

There is a man who is acting like a crazy person, wrecking havoc on the people in the neighborhood. He spits on people, he accuses people of all sorts of things, yet is so destructive, abusive, and mean. The police will come when called, but do nothing about him. This man is constantly doing things like jumping on peoples cars as they drive by, chops down neighbors bushes, screams obscenities, and threatens people. He has killed some wildlife (rabbits) that come on his property, and harasses anyone who is in his path.
Is there anything that can be done (as far as a class action suit against this man) to get him to stop what he is doing? He has taken the peace out of the neighborhood, and has made everyone wonder what he is going to do next. The only thing that hurts this man is if he is made to pay (as in money) for the harm he has caused these people.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  LegalEase replied 5 years ago.
A class action suit isn't something that can be done in a situation like this. What needs to be done is people need to press charges when he destroys their property. They can also file individual suits against him in small claims court if he destroys their property and ask for damages to be paid. If there is an HOA, perhaps they can take some action against him. Unfortunately, the police often won't get involved in stuff like this unless the person actually hurts someone. Illogical, I know.
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