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Do you do Student Loans Salle Mae has more than douled the

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Do you do Student Loans? Salle Mae has more than douled the amout do NOW and the kids are still in school. I am the co-signer. I only signed once and Sallie used my signature for both Grfand-children on a total on eight (8) loans or more.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you. I encourage you to ask me for clarification, if you are not clear with my Answer.

We do not offer representation here. However, if you only signed for one loan and your name is XXXXX XXXXX eight loans, then you should dispute the information with Sallie Mae. Also, even if the kids are still in school, the loans unfortunately continue to accrue interests. The accrued interests are then added to the principals (capitalized). The loans would be due upon graduation unless the kids requests for deferment, which is available for two years. After two years, they can request for forbearance, which is available for another five years. Finally, the loans can be consolidated with the U.S. Department of Education under Ford Direct Loan Program, if the loans are federal loans. The payment plans through the Department of Education are much more manageable. Another forbearance can be requested after the loans have been consolidated.

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