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Hi, Iam in Dubai, UAE. My email account was hacked from a location

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Hi, Iam in Dubai, UAE. My email account was hacked from a location in USA and a personal and intimate photo was sent to my friends and am afraid that it might be uploaded on the internet.
How to file case in such a case

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Do you know who the person was here in the US that hacked your account?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes i Do know. She is a person of Indian origin settled in US for over 10 years. I have her email id's (she has deleted them or deactivated these id's in the lst 2 days i think). I have her older phone number and also the new one. I have also the IP address from where the email was sent to one of my colleague in London.
Thank you. That makes it easier. I would suggest that you contact the police department in her city/county of residence to file a report. This is a crime here in the US. They should be able to take one over the phone. Also, you can have a US attorney send her a cease and desist letter, saying that if she sends anything else, you will sue. If you want to go ahead and sue, you can. You would want to hire an attorney that lives in her county of residence. You can find general civil litigators here:

Happy to answer any more questions if you have them. If not, please don't forget to accept my answer before you leave. You will be charged nothing further for doing so. Thank you!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Iam an Indian citizen working in Dubai, UAE for the last 4 months.

I dont have her current address nor can i get them. She used to stay in Virginia and then i think she moved to Arizona and again moved to another state. In such cases how to make a complain on phone when i dont know her current state or county.

All i have is her phone number (and i dont know if its still working) and her Virginia address (from where she moved maybe around 6 months back)




Since she sent this picture across state lines (and actually to London), you can file a complaint with the FBI here: However, if you don't find that they are moving quickly enough for you, you may have to hire a US private investigator in order to track down this woman so you can file a local criminal case against her and sue her where she lives.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

How much will a private investigator cost? I know they work on hourly basis

How much will it cost to file a criminal case.


Pls note the photo which was sent by her to other people is no longer available as it is deleted by all parties concerned.

All i have is the IP address from where she sent the mail.

Also how can i obtain the information regarding how many times my email ids were accessed from US location

I don't know how much one would cost. Like attorneys, all prices vary. You would have to call or email some PIs to find out. I would start in the states where you think she was/is.


It does not cost anything to pursue a criminal case. The federal government or the state pursues the criminals over here. You would just be a witness in the case. You may have to come over here to testify.


Even if photos are erased, they can still be found on hard drives. Plus, cases can still be won by testimony without actual evidence.


The information you want will have to be subpoenaed from the access provider. This can be done AFTER a criminal or civil case is filed.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

So tell me how to proceed? Iam still not very clear

Should I 1st file a case in the FBI or hire a private investigator and then file a case on phone and then how do I file criminal cases?





You can go ahead and file a complaint with the FBI. That is the federal government. Since the picture was sent across state lines, the federal government also has jurisdiction here. The FBI has a lot to handle, obviously. So your case may not be extremely important to them. So if you are really serious about pursuing this, you would want to hire a PI.


Hire the PI to start tracking down where this woman is currently living. You would want to hire one where you think she was LAST. Once you find out where she is, contact the local police department and file a criminal complaint. This will start the criminal process.


We also have a civil process here in the US, which means you can also sue her in civil court. This is DIFFERENT than the criminal charges, but you can do both. You would want to hire a civil law attorney for this in the county where the woman resides.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank You Lady. Now the clincher and all these are in mail only as the suspect and me used to communicate in email only and we had met only once in India.

She has accepted her crime. I have that in email. In August a mail was again sent to me where she said that she will kill me if i dont meet her. My computer was hacked after that i guess. I had confronted her and she said that she is sorry and tat she will kill herself... but i know she is lying.



This will be very helpful on all the cases you pursue against her. She sounds like she needs some serious mental help, but that does not absolve her of her crime. I hope you are able to pursue this to the fullest. It has been my pleasure helping you.

Please don't forget to press the accept button before you leave. There will be no further charge for this but it is the ONLY way I can get credit for helping you. Thank you!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Just help me on this...

Is there any other agency in UAE or the US embassy in Dubai, where I can lodge a complaint against a US citizen? Will the US embassy help in such cases.

No, the US Embassy is there to help US citizens in the UAE. They do not handle matters for persons in the UAE that have an issue with any person (citizen or otherwise) currently in the US. There is no other way to handle the issue than dealing with it here in the US.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

1 final question although your answers have made it very clear.

If a file a police complaint here, will it help in any way? give definite answer


No. As the UAE attorney you spoke with earlier already said, it will not help at all. I agree with him.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank You for ur help

You're very welcome. Happy to help!


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