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my grandson applied for a job today they said he has a 4th an 2nd degree misdemeanor

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my grandson applied for a job today they said he has a 4th an 2nd degree misdemeanor warrant on him in jackson county ohio dated back 06/12/08 he tells me he has no idea what its about he is now 21 i told him we have to find out, there a time limit as to what happens with this case, he has not moved in 17 yrs no one has came looking for him please help if you can answering my questions~ty Jennifer / grandma



I am assuming that you live in this area of Ohio. This particular charge against him does not seem serious enough for the police to actually send people out looking for him. What typically happens in these cases is that he could be driving and get pulled over for speeding, then the police would run his record, come up with the warrant and bring him into court to clear it up. The warrant was probably put into place stemming from some type of charge that he failed to appear in court for to clear up. Now, he could have deliberately failed to appear or they may have had an incorrect address to send the paperwork to and it might not have reached him. One thing is for certain -- he must take care of this matter if he wants to clear up his record going forward. The best way for him to do this is to appear at the courthouse on any business day and go to the clerk's office for criminal business. He should tell them that there is a warrant out for him that he was not aware of. The clerk's office will tell him to go to the courtroom and they will send the file upstairs to the court and he should have an arraignment that day (because he will not be on the court list for that day, he may have to wait until the end of everyone else being called before his case is called). At the arraignment, he can plead "not guilty" and get another court date -- then the warrant will be removed so long as he shows up for his next court date. Because it has been so long, the court might set a bail amount before they will let him go, so you or another family member might want to go with him in case that happens. For a misdemeanor charge, so long as he does not have a prior record, the bail should not be more than a few hundred dollars (IF there is a bail at all). Depending upon the charges, he may also be able to make a deal for probation or continued without a finding that same day. Otherwise, he can ask for a court appointed lawyer if he is unable to afford a lawyer or he can hire his own attorney between his arraignment day and his later court date.




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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ty for this info, one more question~~yes this happened in one county in ohio an he lives in another county he is still saying he doesnt know what he done, but I understand he is young and scared..but there is not a limit on the date like it can be dismissed? He is very scared I want him to go with me asap an clear this up so he can get a job, I am here for him an trying to help him an he is really a good kid I am not saying that because he is my grandson he is a good person who has had a hard road when my son/his dad was not in his life an his mom is with an abuser so he didnt have a chance, i told him to come live with me an see if I can help him~~anyway do you think they will put him in jail when we go there that is what is worrying him to death? ty

Hello again.


If he says he doesn't know anything about it, this is either mistaken identity or he is not being completely truthful with you. First, there is no time limit to take care of a warrant in the manner I told you above (I once took my own husband in to take care of a 2 year old warrant in another town -- before I became a lawyer -- and it worked out fine). The odds that he will be arrested are very slim if he appears and takes care of these issues on his own (judges actually like it when people show up at court to take care of matters like this on their own rather than being arrested and brought in front of the court in handcuffs). Obviously, I cannot guarantee that he will not be arrested because none of us can ever be 100% certain of what a court will do (anything is within the judge's discretion). I CAN guarantee you that if he doesn't take care of it, sooner or later he will be stopped over something stupid and he will be arrested -- and may end up spending a few days in jail before he is brought in front of a judge. It will also continue to mess up his chances of getting any kind of job because it will continue to appear as a warrant. If he has no prior offenses, he should do okay at court. If it worries you that much, you may want to contact a lawyer to approach the court first to see what the charges are and what the prosecutor might be able to do for him before he actually appears at the court.


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