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Can my employer force me to work on Sunday (my religious day)

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Can my employer force me to work on Sunday (my religious day)? The Bible says that the seventh day is for rest. I don't normally work on Sunday and I'm bieng forced to work three weeks straight. I worked over 18 hours on Saturday alone.

I live and work in Oregon.

Eric [email protected]
Hello and thank you for using Just Answer. I'm an attorney with a legal career spanning 13 years and will be assisting you today.

Let start by saying that I am also a person of faith and try not to work Sundays. I want you to understand that so that you do not feel that I'm coming from a position of hostility.

Quoting the Bible isn't going to help you here. That's a religious text and you have to focus on legal rights, an entirely different thing in this country. We are spoiled by the fact that many of our Christian beliefs are found in our laws because of that early influence, but the two are distinct and we have to recognize that.

Religious accommodation is not absolute in this country. They must only make reasonable accommodations where possible (if they have more than 15 employees). While they could probably not legally single you out to make you work every single Sunday, they can legally request that you share Sunday shifts with other people and cover them.
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