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Amy in Tennessee is married to our son. They have 2 kids.

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Amy in Tennessee is married to our son. They have 2 kids. Amy racked up a ton of college loans before & after they married, trying to get a medically-related degree (to please her dad). Long story short - she kept stopping &starting college(s) due to one thing or other (eg. She's diabetic and had to have 2 emergency surgeries!) She couldn't pass Organic Chem after 3 attempts. Demoralized, finally quit school altogether. They haven't been very good at money management (she tried to run away from her obligations & our son= inept at $managing), but have been doing better lately. They have nothing. They own two old cars, but no house (renting). Her wages have been garnished for part of loans. Now she's being sued. Cannot get all of details. They are depressed, and I'm frantic for them! What can & should they do? Think her indebtedness is somewhere between 40K & 80K!! Amy works in a bank call center & Steve installs kitchen countertops. His company may fold. Yii. TNX 4 any help!
Thank you for the post, if the loans are federal student loans they cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. If they are private school loans (loans from a private entity, e.g. a bank), they can be discharged and Amy should consider filing bankruptcy to get a fresh start. From your description, your son does not have a lot of debt, just not a lot of income and if she files he would be protected from creditors for the debt she includes in her filing.
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