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run over by boyfriend accidently broken leg,ankle and shou

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run over by boyfriend accidently broken leg,ankle and shoulder
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NewYorkLaw101 :

hi and thanks for using Just Answer - Sorry to hear about this situation. Now, was this an automobile accident or something else? Can you provide additional information so that I can assist you?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes run over by car in tenn at military base car he was driving was my daughters insured in fl.his car liability policy is in wisconsin the limits on my daughters policy are 20000 his are $300000 he also clearly admits to fault
Okay, was the accident as a result of an intentional act? Can you just explain how the accident happened so I can give you an accurate answer?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
my son dropped his cell phone out of open jeep convertible the driver stopped my son jumped out the driver then turned around to shine his lights on soft shoulder i opened the door and told him i was getting out .he must not have haerd me because as i was almost out of car he gunned the engine and i spun under car and he accidently ran over my my ankle,foot,and shoulder fracturing them..this occured late july,2010.since then my ankle did not heal well and last week it had to be rebroken and set again and i am in a lot of pain

Okay, based on the facts you have provided your daughters insurance company should be contacted and a third party claim should be commenced. Please note that if you retain an attorney you will hear that you will be suing your boyfriend and daughter since it was her vehicle and he was the driver - please note that this is just the operation of the claim. If you were hurt in this case seriously, you are entitled to pursue a claim against the driver and owner of the vehicle regardless of the ownership - now it appears that the policy of the vehicle involved will likely not be enough for the injuries you described, therefore, your boyfriend should inform his insurance carrier of the claim so they can set up a claim - since you were a pedestrian at the time, you should consider contacting your insurance company if you own a motor vehicle. Lastly, since you are dealing with a serious injury and possibility of layers of coverage you should retain an attorney who will ensure that all coverage which may be applicable is found - if you have not retained an attorney, you can contact your local Bar Association or to begin your search

Hope this helps

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