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I am in a business dispute with contractor through BBB regarding

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I am in a business dispute with contractor through BBB regarding terrible service and workmanship. We paid half the bill, the remainder is due tomorrow. What will happen if I don't pay yet? He said to speak directly to his collection attorney. ? He is not willing to address any of the issues we have with him. We never signed a contract. The balance due is $2200. Can he apply late fees and collection costs? Lawyer fees?
If you don't have a contract, it will be his word against yours so you are able to win on this point if this ever gets to court, especially if he did a bad job and it cost you more to fix. Thus, he is able to send you to collections (anyone can, even if you don't know them) but whether the claim is legitimate is a different story and that's why you will probably have a good chance of fighting it.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Should I withhold my payment until we reach a resolution through the bbb? I feel that since the work is completed and I don't want any future service from this company, there is no bargaining chip left besides the money. He keeps saying that I just don't want to pay the bill. Well, I guess that's true. Because his service sucked and took 6 weeks longer than promised and we were treated like crap the whole time. I guess now I just want to know where this will end up. He's not going to lessen the bill. We are not going to pay the bill.
If the service was bad, meaning once it was complete, something went wrong or took money to fix, then you shouldn't pay them. However, if the service just took longer to complete, that may not be enough to not pay for a complete service. Only don't pay if the service was not complete.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I guess I want him to wait and stress out like we had to wait and stress out. What would be the harm in letting him squirm for a few more weeks?

He can send you to collections if it's a legitimate claim and the work was done and it can somewhat lower your credit score for a bit for delinquincy and late payment.
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