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Steinlaw, Attorney
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I bought a motorcyle 5 years ago mind u this bike has been

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I bought a motorcyle 5 years ago mind u this bike has been registered in three diff states i take it to get insurance n tagged in north carolina two weeks ago and they impound my bike tell me it was reported stolen in 1992 from ga? Its a 1962 model harley so i have proof i have redone this whole bike and paid for what can they do? What can i do? Is thier a time limit they have to do it in? Or do i have to sit and wait for them to get back with me?
I am sorry you are going through this.

It is odd that the bike is now being flagged as stolen. In theory, it should have been caught when you registered it the first time as all stolen cars and bikes go into a national database.

You should hire an attorney at this point to get you the bike back. They can keep it for evidence until they have completed a trial if they bring someone to trial. They can also return it to the original owner. You want an experienced criminal defense attorney working for you to get this back to you.

Good luck!
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