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I have had 3 felonies for TOP, shoplifting, the last one was

Resolved Question:

I have had 3 felonies for TOP, shoplifting, the last one was december 2008 in Alabama. I want to go back to school and get a degree, but I'm not sure where a person with my criminal background could get employment/licensing. I'm doing great now and feel certain my life is back on track, and I'm completely through with living for the moment! I thought of getting a paralegal certification since I've been a legal secretary for many, many years, but would love some input. I'm currently unemployed due to layoffs, and excited about "starting over." Thanks so much!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Roger replied 7 years ago.

Your best option would be to have to conviction expunged - if you're eligible. This erases the convictions from your record.


The following people are eligible for an expungement under Alabama law:


Persons who can prove inaccurate or incomplete information contained in their criminal convictions. § 41-9-645. Also, persons subject to investigation of child abuse not resulting in a conviction. § 26-14-3. A person whose criminal conviction is reversed may have their DNA records expunged. § 36-18-26. Persons who satisfactorily complete preprosecution or pretrial diversionary programs may ask the district attorney to petition for expungement. § 45-8-82.40.


If you are not eligible for an expungement, you will have to focus on an career that does not involve security clearance, such as a government job (from law enforcement to a postal worker). You'll have to concentrate on employment in the private sector.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Not as much information as I had hoped. I do not fall under the expungement law and I knew security clearance would be an issue. I guess I was hoping for more detailed, specific information.
Expert:  Roger replied 7 years ago.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot out there as far as specifics. Because employment is a privilege, and not a right, employers have the right to deny anyone employment so long as it is not discriminatory based on race, sex, age or disability.


In your case, it may simply be the previous convictions that are holding you back - but an employer is not discrimination and can refuse you employment on that basis. Short of an expungement, you're going to have the convictions to deal with.



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