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Hi! I was wondering if someone applied for medical and became

Resolved Question:

Hi! I was wondering if
someone applied for medical and became qualified but then later changes their minds and wants to get out of medi-cal and get long term care insurance what is the process to discontue medi-cal benefits?Do we a need a lawyer for this ? what about the transfer of the house?If it gets transferred back to to the original owners who appllied for medi-cal are there any tax penalities? What is the penality? what is the process of canceling and discontinuing medi-cal benefits? Consequences to face
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your question. You have the right to revoke your medi-cal here by notifying your case worker. You probably wouldn't qualify for long term care insurance here if they are already in a nursing home. If you transfer this back to the medical folks the state may try to do estate recovery once they decease.

I am not sure you want to do this here. The medi-cal would continue to pay for long term care until you cancel. I would discuss with local elder law lawyer before I didi anything here. You want one that is NAELA certified. Here is reference. Don't fool with anyone without certification here as ther are many minefields potentially.

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