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1 Does North Carolina have a Grand Jury 2 If yes how many

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1 Does North Carolina have a Grand Jury ?
2 If yes how many members serve on this jury?
3 How many members of the Grand Jury have to agree before someone is indicted?
4 How many members are on a North Carolina petit jury?
5 How many members have to agree to get a verdict in North Carolina?
I am home schooling my grandson. We have already had to extend into the summer and now I don’t even know the answers to these questions. I tried looking them up on line with no luck. If you can give me a web site or the answers I would be very grateful.
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1. North Carolina does have grand jury hearings.
2. Grand juries have 12-18 members in North Carolina.
3. In North Carolina, 12 members are necessary to indict.


4. A North Carolina Petit Jury has 12 members.
5. To convict, a jury must be unanimous.

Hope this helps!

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you so much. You really did help with the answers and the web references.
Thanks again
Have a great night.
My pleasure. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to request me personally.

Have a great week!