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I had several felony convictions all at one time in 1995 in

Resolved Question:

I had several felony convictions all at one time in 1995 in NC. The charges were for credit card theft/fraud and Obtaining property by False Pretense. I was released from probation in 2000 and have not had any other charges or convictions. Can I get a pardon? I am able to obtain any professional licensing, such as a social worker or psychologist, maybe even an instructor at a university in Social Work or psychology?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Legal Verdicts replied 8 years ago.
The short answer is yes you can but it is unlikely. The governor certainly has the power to pardon you, but that power is very infrequently exercised and has become a function of politics more often than merit. Your conviction will certainly affect your chances at holding a professional license. You will need to review the license requirements including character fitness requirements for each profession you are interested in to determine whether you will be barred from the profession. Taht is something that you should review carefully and then if you have a question call the department responsible for licensing of that profession in order to ensure that you can or cannot get a license. I have had to do this for several people in the past related to the effect of certain alleged criminal activity and a plea. The folks at the licensing boards are surprisingly helpful

Good luck and I am sorry that you find yourself in this situation.

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