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I need a sample letter of consideration to a judge. I would

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I need a sample letter of consideration to a judge. I would like to have an initial order of child support not be as much, and to avoid paying any arrears (case just opened last month). I want to buy my daughter her things on my own (I was doing so then got sent to child support). I am a federal public servant, and recent war vet, who is about to get taking for as much as possible for child support. I don't mind paying, and I already support another child, however I know it's going to be extreme. The following facts are based on my personal observation throughout my marriage (still married). 1) my wife likes to spend money lottery tickets. 2) she lives with a woman who is unemployed and has four kids. 3) she refuses to take responsibility to pay her own car and ins (I am still paying). 4) she crashed that vehicle and wont fix it. 5) She is a compulsive spender at the local thrift shops. She is seeing dollar signs and is being unreasonable. I don't have any custody yet. please help
You need to file a motion for reconsideration - correct? A support order was entered and you want the judge to reconsider - correct?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The order has not been entered yet, but she did file. I have to submit the respondent letter, and would like to submit a letter of consideration to the judge to be able to pay for my daughter's stuff and not give ALL my money to her mother because of the above info. I will pay support, no problem. However, she is too irresponsible. I am afraid (and so is her mother) that the family she is with will eat all my daughters food. I also want the judge to consider not making me pay arrears, I already support another child. Thank You

If the judge hasn't entered an order of support - then there are 2 ways this could go:


1) that you oppose the modification of support because there has not been a "substantial change in circumstances" for a hearing (she must plead that there has been a change in her financial situation before a judge will give her a hearing on a modification of support)




2) that the judge does give a modification hearing and the support order is based upon the support guidelines dependant upon what your and her net incomes are


If the judge gives the modification of support hearing - then the hearing will be held and you will have to present eveidence of your net income and any extra oridinary expenses could be deducted therefrom (extraordinary expenses could be medical costs, frail or needy family member, etc.)


A letter of reconsideration is not applicable in your situation - because the judge hasn't ruled on anything yet.

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