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My husband and I are in financial hardships, hes in real

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My husband and I are in financial hardships, he's in real estate in FL and we have a home in PA near my family. I have a daughter who is 12 entering 7th grade next year.   I am a musican the university I work at is over and private work ends in May. In order to save face : wehave rented our home for a year and I have great work opportunity in the Lehigh Valley to make ends meet , make a better living and get out of medical bills and debt.   It has been a work in progress but now my husband is projecting we will never come back....he won't ever see his daughter etc. My intentions was never to leave the marriage but to generate a substantial income and be supported by family. In the past 3 years I've dealt with 2 major surgeries and cancer for the second time. The state of affairs is extremely stressful and I feel it is important for us to do extraordinary measures to simplify this constant fury of problems. Are there legal issues I need to know about?
You are living in PA and your husband is living in FL?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no we are still together in our home in Jupiter. We need to be out of here by May 30th due to tennants renting for a year. We have a home in Easton, PA that is in my name which we have been able to keep my credit in god standings. By June 20th my daughter and I will go to Easton for the year.

Thank you for submitting your important legal issue to Just Answer. I am pleased to have the opportunity to provide you with an honest and easy to understand answer to your question.

I am an attorney licensed in the State of Texas. The following information is a brief answer to your question. However, if you feel that you need further information or that you have other insights which might help me in providing a better answer, please feel free to write back.

From the facts that you have relayed to me, I believe that there are a few legal issues that you may face. The first is that you could leave yourself open to an At-Fault Divorce for abandonment. The charge would be that you abandoned your husband. However, you could really reverse the argument and say the same against him, as he is choosing not to move with you back to PA where you have a house. The other issues you may face are regarding the bills that you owe. By changing residents to your house in PA, you need to make sure that there is some "homestead" protection offered regarding the property so that any of the medical bills or other debts you or your husband have do not attach to your house.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you. If we can be of any further assistance please free to use our service again. Best wishes for a successful outcome.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I see your point and I never thought of abandoning but to do something different also our relationship is so strained due to his mother's issues and his financial ties with her and the 2. million debt in mortgages and property taxes etc.   He is clearly mad at me and I have stuck by him for the past few years with my health issues, working , raising a child, being laid off due to recovery taking care of aging relatives that have past on and I believe I need to get away from all this chaos so I can think straight and not be subjected by mortgage companies and the lack of cash flow. I feel sorry for my husband and if did nothing we would not be generating a new cash flow from this recent rental situation. I had proposed to him that I wanted to give a year and see what may happen versus getting sick again in a suppressed situation. My husband and I went to a bankruptcy attorney in the Fall of 2008 and he reprimanded My husband that he needed to do drastic things and he is doing it. But I can't sit around because I can't be in the sun and I could be making money in a better cultural area. Jupiter is resort material. My husband is a hard worker with many jobs that has totally over whelmed him. Though he'll never admit it. I have lived her for 18 years and I have a mother who will turn 80 this year and I don't want to miss life with my family. When you have had cancer 2 times and major surgery as a life and death situation nothing matters more then family. My husband is very tied up with his things to the point of the amount of stress put on our relationship. I just want to simplify and I know I have a fighting chance even at the age of 56. Would there be any step os assurance I could pass on to my husband that this to shall pass. We are no the only family taking on a situation like this.
I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a strenuous time. Financial hardships can be very hard on a family. The only assurances that you can make to your husband that your relationship will be able to weather these circumstances are not a legal matter. One thing you could do to put him at ease is to give him access to all your financial accounts. However, as there are creditors out there that are looking for money, this may not be the wisest choice. For the most part however, I do not think you have any legal steps you could take at this point.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
okay thank you...I do believe and trust in God that what I am doing is the right thing...and all will be well and we can grow to be even better people through our indifferences. Things do see myself in this situation right now persevering and out of the box thinking would have been difficult to forsee a year ago.
Well...keep the faith, and just try to do the right thing. Good Luck.
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