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my son is being harassed by teachers and students what actions

Resolved Question:

my son is being harassed by teachers and students what actions can I take?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Daniel Solutions replied 8 years ago.
In what state does your child attend school?
What grade is your son attending/
Is the school public or private?
What exactly is the act you believe to be harassing?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
He is a Sr in High School. It is a public school in Ohio!

He has been *teased* (as they call it) all year since he joined the Army last summer in his AFJROTC class that he is the Army of "One Brain cell" (since it is the Army of One) and the Air Force doesn't think much of Army!

This has spilled over during class and been an ongoing issue with the two commanding officers!

Additionally, his ex-girlfriend is in this class with him running rumors of activity between them and how he couldn't handle Basic Training. The two teachers refuse to do anything...and so he made a comment back at her and they sent him to the VP's office and he was suspended. We spoke to the VP about what had been being said and done and the actions of the teachers involved.
He went to them and the class and basically said knock it off.
Well it didn't stop and has now escalated since he didn't go to the Drill Meet this weekend...the Chief (NCO) told the kids that he (my son) was being kicked off due to his drinking since he couldn't come to the meet in the am. (completely untrue!)
He had come home the night before after an activity they all went on and was not out drininkng...nor does he! But the NCO/Teacher accused him of this activity to all the other students.

Now I want to know if I can take action and what as I go in tomorrow!

Expert:  Daniel Solutions replied 8 years ago.
You need to speak with the school board regarding what happened with your son. You son is entitled to attend a school without the harassing actions that are being allowed. Also you need to speak with the NCO to see if you can get him to understand what is happening in class as the NCO as an officer and military member has the duty to not perform actions that are inappropriate as a military member under the Military Code of Justice. If the NCO fails to act you could speak to the NCO's commander who should be either a LT or Captain. If all the above failes then you need to decide if you want to sue the school district for harassment. If so you need to speak with a local education attorney. If you dont know such an attorney then contact your local attorney bar association to get a listing of educational law attorneys in your area.
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