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penalitFirst time offense for receiving pot through mail.

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penalitFirst time offense for receiving pot through mail. Was taken -never received .
Hi - This is a very serious accusation.

I assume you did not intend to receive pot through the mail and I assume you are not a drug user.

In that case, you should deny all knowledge of the transaction. You should contact a local criminal defense attorney immediately. In the interim, it is best not to give any statements to law enforcement and any investigator.

Sometimes, if the amount is small, the authorities may not prosecute for lack of evidence.

If you are convicted or plead guilty, the penalty could be minor, if the amount was small. If the amount was large and you are charged with federal crimes relating to the use of US mail and distribution of marijuana, then you could potentially face years in prison. Good luck
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Amount was an ounce or less.
The botXXXXX XXXXXne is that the penalty could still be very serious - over 1 year in prison. You are still potentially facing federal felony penalties for using the mail to transport drugs.

It depends on whether charges were filed. If this was merely seized, perhaps at the boarder, the small amount may not result in any charges.

However, if this was intercepted by your local postman and handed to local cops or DEA, that may result in a more serious investigation.

Realistically, you will probably not have a severe penalty, if any.

Deny if you are innocent.

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