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Early marriage (young) My driving record was a mess ,so wife

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Early marriage (young) My driving record was a mess ,so wife and i decided to put all insurances,includind business insurances in her name to save money. 15 yrs later business has accident and damages equipment (at or near divorce). When insurance check came in the mail i deposited the check and signed her name on it,then payed our bills and repairs.Signing checks for each other and depositing was our normal.   Now 15+ yrs later she wants me to pay her that check amount approx. $18,000.00 because i signed her name on it. It was used for paying bills as usual. Then came divorce. Am I responcible to pay her this money ?

If it was 15 years ago, then she has no claim. The statute of limitations would bar any suit for return of the money or any criminal charge for signing the check in her name. The money was to repay for damage on business property and was then used for business purposes. It was also in the normal course of the business so I don't see where there would be any liability even if the SOL didn't come into play. That doesn't mean that she can't try to use it against you in the divorce proceedings but no judge is going to give it any significance.


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